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Royal Kuhio, Marine Surf and Waikiki Park Heights are reached by exiting the Honolulu Airport eastbound on either Interstate H-1 or Nimitz Highway and proceeding toward Diamond Head. Signs make it easy to find this world-famous resort area.

When you decide to reserve a unit at any of our wonderful locations, we will e-mail complete directions and arrival information to you.

On the map above, the initials "RK" for the Royal Kuhio, "MS" for the Marine Surf and "WPH" for Waikiki Park Heights indicate the locations of those buildings. The blocks between these buildings and the oceanfront street--Kalakaua--are very short. From any of these centrally located condos, it is easy to walk to any Waikiki attractiion. TheBus stops right by each of these buildings, and reserved parking is available for a nominal surcharge.

Waikiki Beach was rehabilitated during 2000 and early 2001. Everything is sparkly clean and appealing. Sun, shops, historical sites--you'll find them all in Waikiki!

By the way, all beaches in Hawaii are public. You can enjoy using them anywhere!


Makaha Shores is on the west coast of O'ahu. Find the Airport on the map (Look for the Reef Runway just above the word, "Honolulu" on the map to locate your starting point.). Trace along the red line (Interstate H-1) to your left and circumvent Pearl Harbor (the watery inlet on the southern shore of the island), pass the Ko Olina resort area, and come to Makaha--which is a few miles from the end of the road.

Some maps make it apppear that one can drive around the Island. Going around Kaena Point is a nice, long walk--but driving is simply not possible.

When you make reservations at one of our Waianae locations, we'll send you complete driving directions and arrival instructions.






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